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workin hard for a brokin heart,Macello Basstrojani

workin hard for a brokin heart
by Macello Basstrojani

ID: 99 Year: 2021 Labelcode: SMS099-0421 [Digital]

We are proud to release this unusual and superb album. Macello Basstrojani - call him a veteran of the Austrian music scene, but never call his music out of date. Noisy soundscapes, basses from the bottom and higher heights under laid with an exiting combination of instruments, sounds and voices. Macello found his Japanese roots and has climbed the mountain of his mother country to publish this experimental approach to his origins. Every time you listen - you'll hear something new - take the journey to discover new angles of this extensive and timeless album ...

All arranged, composed, mixed and played by MACELLO BASSTROJANI. Track 08 with CHRISTOPH MOSER, RENĂˆ VA PLUS. Mastered by THE DARKFORCE at STUBENMUSICSTUDIO (SMS). Artworx by LANGEDER KASPER.

(C) Macello Basstrojani
(P) 2021 Stubenmusicstudio

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