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"Stubenmusicstudio is a label, is space, is a experiment and is love and anger - some call it music - others say it's art and I say the space in between makes the rhythm." 012

Stubenmusicstudio was founded 1999 in Graz / Austria in a one-room apartment (a so called "Stuben"). Equipped with a laptop and a stone-age midi-sequencer software. Initially just an idea, that became soon reality. At the end of 1999, at the first performance of Element012, CD-Rs with the label "Stubenmusikstudio" were distributed to guests and visitors of the event. This legendary and initial performance was the first (official) event in the former "Mauthaus" at the Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai in Graz, which opened its doors for the first time under its new name “Sub”. So "Stubenmusicstudio", as an inspiring and conspiratorial music-art project, was an integral part of the Graz music and art scene since the early 2000s. Countless gigs followed, DIY albums (CD-R) in limited and numbered editions (Almost all releases were available as limited CD-R version, since 1999!), professional productions on various media, Dub-Plates, guest appearances, share events, workshops, remixes, art/music residencies, collaborations, installations, opening acts, festivals, parties, mergers and fun; the rest is history, experience and expertise of 21 years of music production - time, documented with more than 90 releases - until today [...]

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Cheers and many greetings, stay safe!
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Ps.: Wanna have a straight list with our releases? Here is a pdf: 2020_Stubenmusicstudio_Releases.pdf

We are in the process of reworking all the releases of the last 21 years or, if necessary, re-mastering them. So no worrys, all releases will be online again, stay tuned!

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