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Live in Paris 26.06.15 ,Element012

Live in Paris 26.06.15
by Element012
[LFD.15-07 | SMSVR61 (SMS-LTS-002 )]

ID: 81 Year: 2015 Labelcode: LFD.15-07 | SMSVR61 (SMS-LTS-002 ) [C90 Tape 50 pieces & Digital]

Released 2015 as a limited tape (50 hand assembled and numbered pieces), this was the first solo release of Element012 since 2013. All songs live composed, performed & programmed by Element012 using electronic audio hardware, there was no computer attached! Recorded with a linear pcm recorder. Postmastering by the Darkforce in the LOFI-Deathstar. Unadulterated banned on tape.

This release was part of the Stubenmusicstudio live tape series (SMS-LTS-002). 50 hand assembled and numbered pieces.

From the tape liner: "Element012 says hello to: santos & point (wtf?), 6rme (hell ya), sans terre (marcello), prima, prista, erol. sector9 (love to paris), der witz/asap rocky (bro from dfrent mo), spectre (the only ill saint), lloop (r. where you at?), die hand (still love you), rerrepeter (diy bitch;), mc confuz (still walk and wander), silent wolf , mimu merz(en), rolandoorlando and all ive forgotten!"

(C) 2015 - 2021 Element012 (jmp)
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