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Lopedasi ,6rme

by 6rme
[LFD.14-11 | smsVR53 MC02 ]

ID: 73 Year: 2014 Labelcode: LFD.14-11 | smsVR53 MC02 [Digital & Tape (50 Hand assembled & numbered Tapes)]

This album was released 2014 as a free MP3 download and as limited hand assembled tape. Now, the first time as HQ wav available! This is the new remastered wav version! Enjoy and support the eternal stuben!

Btw. found some limited Lopedasi 6RME tapes during my last studio cleanup. Released 2014 as part 2 of a limited tape series. Part 1 was the album Decay by Trackscan. Take you chance and get one of the last tapes available.

Arranged, composed, played & live recorded by 6RME (Yann Lefeuvre) for the Stubenmusicstudio 2013. Artwork by Ne. Layout and cover by Prima/Metatketur. Premastering by Damien. Tape- & digital mastering by The Darkforce in the Turtlesoupstudios / London. (C) Element012/6RME. (P) Stubenmusicstudio.

(C) 2014 - 2021 Element012 (jmp)
(P) 2014 Stubenmusicstudio

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