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Final Heatwave - The Nine Grand Constellations. ,LRAY (L. Ray)

Final Heatwave - The Nine Grand Constellations.
by LRAY (L. Ray)
[LFD.14-06 | smsVR49]

ID: 69 Year: 2014 Labelcode: LFD.14-06 | smsVR49

Arranged, composed, played, programmed and live recorded by L Ray in the LOFI-Deathstar. Produced by Barcode Terror Productions and Element012. Mastered by The Darkforce in the Turtlesoup-Studios / London. Element012 and LRAY with friendly courtesy of BMA, sun, moon & light! Thanks to the unseen mighty force! L Ray says hello to: Trackscan, Low Creature, Element012, Rer Repeter, Moon People and Heinz Markesch. This record was availalbe as MC 99/pieces (LFD.14-06 | sms49 MC02).

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(P) 2014 Stubenmusicstudio

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