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In Between
[LFD.13-03 | smsVR37]

ID: 57 Year: 2013 Labelcode: LFD.13-03 | smsVR37

LFD.13-03 | smsVR37: arranged, composed, played & programmed by BRUNELLESKEY for Stubenmusicstudio/graz/austria somewhere in space on this planet near chicago/ill/usa, postmastering by The Darkforce, (P) barcode terror prod., (C) BRUNELLESKEY, & printschler.j.m, this record is hand made & numbered in austria BRUNELLESKEY says hello to: santoS, gaLore, 6rme, rerepeter & die hand, lloop, point, annakey, trackscan, mgs, estragon und eratron, not the austrian hiphop, crack brohters, aas der basis, spectre the ill saint, mc confuz, lang mike, bimos, sir positive, printrot RIP, like madd, Africa Prime, thx to thisisshit distribution/canada, heinz markesch, blackhole prod., robotainment, Stubenmusicstudio the only real sh<.>t & all forgot...

(C) 2013 - 2021 Element012 (jmp)
(P) 2013 Stubenmusicstudio
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