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AS.IT - a slightly different map of Graz, Styria, Austria,J.-M. Printschler

AS.IT - a slightly different map of Graz, Styria, Austria
by J.-M. Printschler
[LFD.12-08 | smsVR33]

ID: 54 Year: 2012 Labelcode: LFD.12-08 | smsVR33

LFD.12-08 | smsVR33: recorded by Printschler Josef Matthias, postproduciton and mastering in the Stubenmusicstudio/graz by The Darkforce (each record normalized in the preproduction), all fieldrecordings done between december 2011 & august 2012 with a tascam linear pcm recorder (DR-2d), this record is under a cc-license (feel free to sample but declare your source - as usual :-), some rights reserved by and (printschler j.m.), (P) 2012

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(P) 2012 Stubenmusicstudio
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