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Bochi Bochi Club,Macello Basstrojani & The Joan Carpenters

Bochi Bochi Club
by Macello Basstrojani & The Joan Carpenters

ID: 102 Year: 2021 Labelcode: SMS102-1221 [Digital]

A borderline brilliant work! Dynamic surfaces, melodies and rhythms mix with the noise of infinity and let the listener forget how late it is. Every now and then you hear voices, suspect drum sounds - where there are none, marvel at the power of the moment and ask yourself - "How did he do that?". Without question, this release is closer to pop than Macello's last album; but what is pop and who needs bourgeois classifications in the face of a musical genius.

SMS102-1221: All by Macello Basstrojani (C. Fellner), Vienna / Austria. Postmastering by The Darkforce in the SMS. Painting & grafix by K. Langeder. (C) Macello Basstrojani (C. Fellner). (P) 2021 Macelloa Basstrojani / Stubenmusicstudio. All rights remain reserved.

(C) Macello Basstrojani
(P) 2021 Stubenmusicstudio

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