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Morgenröte,Der Kosmoprolet

by Der Kosmoprolet

ID: 101 Year: 2021 Labelcode: SMS101-1221 [Digital]

We are proud to serve you the second release on stubenmusicstudio by DER KOSMOPROLET. This time again a remix album; DER KOSMOPROLET decided to remix a album by macello basstrojani (workin hard for a brokin heart / sms099), previously released on stubenmusicstudio this year. Enter the deep soundscapes by DER KOSMOPROLET with the track "Society Dreams and Fails" and say amen on the second outernational track. In short, it is deep, dark and red ...

The whole album was produced in favoriten vienna, in the working class mansion from DER KOSMOPROLET. DER KOSMOPROLET says: "Die Revolution lebt in unseren Taten! / The revolution lives in our actions!" and he would like to say thanks to Macello Basstrojani for making this release possible!

SMS101-1221: All by "DER KOSMOPROLET". All tracks are remixes from the album "workin hard for a brokin heart" [SMS099-0421] by Macello Basstrojani. Mastered by THE DARKFORCE at 1100. All rights remain reserved. (c)(p) DER KOSMOPROLET

(C) Der Kosmoprolet
(P) 2021 Stubenmusicstudio

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