PORT : FOLIO 001, Printschler J.-M.

PORT:FOLIO 001, Format: A5, 135 pages, bioset paper, handmade, pieces:on demand

projects & studies between 2003-2012 by printschler j.-m. in bookform, a exerpt of my work…the portfolio is finished now since 6 months – sorry for the delay, ähmm – the individual projects of „port:folio 001“ can be viewed in digital form on metatektur.com !

here are some pictures of the first edition, there is already a third revised edition! if you would like to have one, write a short email with the subject „port:folio 001“ to printschler[at]antitecture.org the cost price is 20.- euros exkl. shipping

some more pictures will follow here – in particular detailed pictures of the content – so long – hell yeah, have fun…

portfolio in the handmade shipping packaging

detail, front cover canvas envelope

detail, front

fresh from the „factory“ without canvas envelope (8 piece pack)

backside without cnvas envelope (8 piece pack)

detail front without canvas envelope

a special thanks goes to:
Kropf Architekturbedarf, Graz, Austria
makes this port:folio with a friendly support, a  helping hand & a listening ear ;) possible!

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