Fonts: Metajugend & Metahand

fonts made for the two latest graphic projects

METAJUGEND (v1.0) a font orientated on the viennese “Art Nouveau ” – used on the cover from element012´s „The Real Rural Tapes“ (LFD.13-05 | smsVR41) – this font was designed completely analog in the sketchbook & digitized in the second step

if you use the font – maybe you think the font might be too thin, i know, outline it with 0,25pt or more – but in the end i think its a realy nice font for graphics and posters… Download Metajugend: Metajugend_MetatekturDotOrg_Font

the second font – METAHAND (v1.0) – is my fast handwriting – rough digitized – as simple as it is…example for METAHAND in use „Jetsam: Driftwood, Sand & Garbage…“ by Low Creature (LFD.13-05 | smsVR40), Download Metahand: please contact me if you wanna use it :-)

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