Tabernacle of No, London 2019

Welcome to architecture of no!

Takeout from the presentation table:
„I decide to build a box, a shack, a tabernacle, a common temple, not more not less, it’s just empty but full of space, it is like it it is, out of wood, black and white besides between, no use or misuse, no reason and nevertheless for all seasons , just with neon sign letters saying ‚tabernacle of no’…“

Presentation Table Sheet 1/2Presentation Table Sheet 1/2

Project: tabernacle of no
Context: architecture of no
Creator: Josef-Matthias Printschler (Metatektur)
Promoter: Architecture Foundation UK / London

Ps.: For all those who think, whats up with this old schoolpage/blog, a completely new one (a real customized web page) is on the run, as you know really good things always takes their time! Until then, we post here impetuously!


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