Cover Design: Sage Francis (SFR, #htdd10)

It was a spontaneous event, 24h, one cover pic  …

In the first moment this post seems a bit offtopic, but who cares?
I am proud to announce that i am guilty for the coverlayout/ grafix of a new Sage Francis ( song. For thoose who dont know sage, shame on you, fill the knowledge gap … ;-)

The song is a freebie to celebrate the 1oth aniversary of “Human The Death Dance”.
Read the full article at:

The (picture with the child) is from a trip through Southamerica in 2009, taken somewhere in heights of colombia. Now the picture with the little child is out oft he datacemetary, the child says „Hello world …“!

And last but not least, im shure, a picture is also a space … cheereo (PRIMA)


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