THE DOOR (Prototype:Orientation System)


Prototype:Orientation System
in the Architects Building
Summer Exhibition 2014
State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart/Germany

This posting is less research and more a tribute to the spatial preparations for the summer exhibition. Maybe in a strange way it was a research – doing something like street art in a public building. At first it was thought temporarily – but because it is so beautiful it’s still there! :) Although it looks pretty easily – but in the end it tooks 8 hours and 6 hands to make it look good…Each class had a different shade of green (why not blue? ;) since then the orientation comes in the game – when all join…

Featuring: Andreas Zuhr (Concept), Maria Maier (Nice helping hand), Justus Dietz (Some good ideas), Matthias Printschler (Helping hand and mastermind for public interventions ;) & last but not least some (more) beers and fun…

Material: Green A3 Paper + Goo

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