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[01] like the taste of garlic (c)*&(p) point; andreas thier 2008; mastered at the bunker
[02] darknight (c)*&(p) trackscan; printschler.j.m 2008; mastered in the lofideathstar

[03] nu fork n spoon (c)*&(p) anna key; C.Fellner 2008; mastered & mixed in the alpen(t)raum studios
[04] run (c)&(p) mimu; Monet.M 2008

[05] the brain from outta space (rough cut) (c)*&(p) point and silent wolf 2008 (M.Wolf u. A.Thier);  masterd and mixed in the bunker
[06] realyold (c)*&(p) low creature; printschler.j.m 2008; masterd at the lofideathstar
[07] the knock knock skit (c) silent wolf 2008 (M.Wolf);

damitihrmichliebt (remix) (c)&(p) aas der basis 2008; voc. by aas der basis
[09] kick my soul (remix) (c)*&(p) element012; printschler.j.m 2005; masterd at the lofideathstar http://
[10] postfragment 2 (c)&(p) kabelton 2008 (G. Schauder); voc. by tidy kid
[11] disturb (c)&(p) 6rme 2008
[12] dirtyroots (c)*&(p) MR.Straylight 2008; mixed & mastered in the G.G.S
[13] ourboros (c)&(p) by past perfect dance 2008;
[14] i see you walkin (c)*&(p) by element012; voc. by DR.calypso; mastered at the lofideathstar
[15] lizard oldscholl anthem (c)*&(p) point; andreas thier 2008; mastered at the bunker
[16] kann nicht (c)*&(p) by element012; voc. by endeffekt; mastered at the lofideathstar
[17] twist my mind (c)*&(p) by DELTA4 2006; mastered at the lofideathstar
[18] humboldt (c)&(p) by MC Confuz 2008 (K.Schacherer);
[19] breaks between danger (c)*&(p) by SANTOS (C.Savli) 2005;
[20] dub beats for east (c)&(p) by HADRIAN 2008;
[21] selected (c)*&(p) by SANTOS (C.Savli) 2005;
[22] 01212002301re (c)*&(p) by element012; voc. by horstIMwald; mastered at the lofideathstar
[23] einoizebittemitschokolade (c)&(p) by mash gordon;mastered & mixed in the alpen(t)raum studios
[24] the lizard skin ladies of oro valley (c)&(p) by el rakkas 2008;

>> postmastering in the lofideathstar
by the mighty stubenhocker;compiled, selected
and arranged by element012 08,10/2008
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design (c),(p) by print_m for barcodeterrorprod.
(p) =
(c) = the respective author; all tracks under
the copyright by the respective author /
under a "nc-nd/3.0-unported" CC-license

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