89 | LFD.16-12 | smsVR69 | 2016
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Year: 2016
Title: Down With All Eternal
Artist: DWAE (Der Witz And Element012)

"9 Doomy tracks for a eternal day ..."

After one year, finally it is here, the new DWAE (Der Witz And Element012) album! Support us and buy the album if you like it and stay tuned for the instrumental version!

DWAE is: DER WITZ (E.Wright) And ELEMENT012 (J.M. Printschler). All beats by ELEMENT012/Stuttgart/EU, all vocals by DER WITZ/San Francisco/USA. Mixed & mastered by the unseen mighty DARKFORCE in the LOFI-Deathstar. Grafix by PRIMA at METATEKTUR. (p) STUBENMUSICSTUDIO.COM, (c) STUBENMUSICSTUDIO.COM and the respective author (Wright, Printschler) 2016

(HQ WAV & MP3)