81 | LFD.15-07 | SMSVR61 (SMS-LTS-002 ) | 2015
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Year: 2015
Title: Live in Paris 26.06.15
Artist: element012

Format: C90 Tape | AA 45:00:00 min | BB 44:28:22 min | Total Time 89:28:22 min

Since 2013, the first solo release by element012. All songs live composed, performed & programmed by element012 using electronic audio hardware, no computer attached! Recorded with a linear pcm recorder. Postmastering by the darkforce in the lofi-deathstar. Unadulterated banned on tape! STUBENMUSICSTUDIO-LIVE TAPE SERIES (SMS-LTS-002) 50 HAND ASSEMBLED AND NUMBERED PIECES (c)&(p) STUBENMUSICSTUDIO / ELEMENT012

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